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Final Summary

While reading and researching the company JackThreads, I became very motivated to be more ambitious and determined. JackThreads is basically a success story of a college student with a passion for clothing and affordable prices. And while these are two very common interests that appeals to almost everyone, Jason Ross followed his dream and brought his innovative idea of developing a bootstrapped, online community, which brings affordable, top designer street clothing, to life. Creating this blog was very enjoyable to me not only because I developed a new interest in e-commerce and different strategies companies use to attract customers, but also because it inspired me to become more ambitious in the e-commerce world and to look for that potential of success.


The JackThreads Pop-Up Truck

On February 17, 2012 , gave their customers a chance to try on JackThreads clothing offers by setting up a Pop-Up truck on Union Square. Inside the plain shipping container was an attractive array of different clothing brands such as WeSC, GoodWood, and Timex. This event created more customers to the site as well as interest from onlookers and different blogs. Below are some pictures from the Pop-Up Shop:

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JackThreads & Thrillist

Thrillist acquired JackThreads in May 2010. To attract customers, Thrillist offers its subscribers access to JackThread’s shopping community upon subscription. The joining of Thrillist and JackThreads was a win-win for both companies. Thrillist saw it as a good benefit for its subscribers as well as a way to make revenue. JackThreads acquired a large number of members from Thrillist and saw exponential growth in members and revenue. Since the acquisition, JackThreads’ membership has jumped from 150,000 in June 2010 to over 1.7 million members as of February 2012.¹

An example of how Thrillist and JackThreads uses social media to bring in new customers is their use of JackThreads has over 100k likes on Facebook and on their page they have regular polls, asking shoppers, “Would you rock it?”. On Thrillist’s facebook page, the company would engage with their readers on various discussions such as talks on which food they like better, or asking them to weigh in on funny pictures.³ These strategies create a more welcoming and personal environment for the companies’ members. People are able to find others with similar interests and humor and that will keep them coming back for more.





JackThreads Android App

Want to keep up with all of JackThread’s deals but don’t have access to a computer? That is where JackThread’s Android App comes in handy. JackThread uses this app to keep their consumers updated on the daily deals they offer. Customers don’t have to constantly check their inbox, as this app uses push notifications and will just notify when a new deal is posted. Also users would be able to purchase deals straight through their smart phone. This app currently has a rating of 3.4 through 161 reviews and is regularly updated. Latest version is v1.2.4, updated March 8, 2012.

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